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“Man is a singular creature. He has a set of gifts that make him unique among the animals: so that, unlike them, he is not a figure in the landscape – he is the shaper of the landscape.”  Jacob Bronowski


Africa is home to the Cradle of Humankind, which has produced some of the oldest hominin fossils ever found. Africa is where it all began and where humanity started shaping the landscape. Since the first steps, the first paintings on cave walls and the first tools, mankind has evolved in unfathomable ways.


It is possible for humanity to return to a time when life was lived with simplistic beauty but, with exponential growth in technology, to be a globally interconnected community with more power of knowledge than ever before. It is possible to create a utopia where man can live in harmony with nature through the use of technological advances so sophisticated that there can be an abundance of food, energy, water and shelter for everyone.


Singularity Institute Africa is a rallying cry for Africa to rise up and join the technological evolution. The exponential-technology train has left the old station and is rapidly running towards a world of infinite possibilities. Let’s not be left behind. It’s time to jump on the exponential-technology train.


Singularity Institute Africa aims to motivate, inspire and educate people in Africa in the field of exponential growth in technology. These ever-expanding technologies have the potential to solve our continent’s grand challenges. Exponential growth in technology is making a reality of what seemed impossible only a few years ago and gives us many reasons to be excited about the future.


We face many challenges in Africa but, using these fast-growing technologies, sustainable solutions to our problems are on the horizon and many already exist. The world is changing and so should our way of thinking. We are on the brink of a better world for everyone and abundance is within our reach.


We believe in the power of technology to change the world for the better. We have a growing concern that Africa is not participating in and contributing to the global technological evolution, both in debate and on a practical level. It is time for Africa to become an integral part of the process and to lead technological evolution on the continent. It can be said that the continent’s lack of participation is due to ignorance and scarce resources.


We aim to create awareness and to offer solutions. We want to promote the creation of sustainable solutions in Africa and to bring about awareness and an understanding of the impact exponential technologies can have on education, energy, food, health, leadership, population, poverty, sanitation, water, mining and security. We also aim to engage our policy makers. We live here, we love the soil we walk on and we have insight and understand the reality of the problems we face. We believe this insight is needed to make sustainable solutions a reality. We are an irreplaceable carriage in the exponential-technology train and the time to contribute, globally, has arrived.


Abundance is a global vision built on the backbone of exponential change on many levels, including a logical and positive outlook. There is proof (please refer to our page on solutions) that what may have seemed idealistic in the past is fast becoming a reality. We believe there is nothing to fear from the future. In Africa today, the lower classes are gathering speed and gaining independence through technology and the future is looking even more promising.


Advances in technology that seemed to apply only to developed countries are becoming real possibilities and many life-changing projects are already in place on African soil. The price of technology is decreasing and scientists are inventing ways of overcoming grand challenges in cost-effective ways that can benefit all people. The Technological Singularity is also within our reach and machines will exceed the intelligence of the human mind within the next few decades. The possibilities are unimaginable.


Some people fear the Technological Singularity, but the path to informed decision-making and a brighter future for all starts by educating and making them aware of the incredible possibilities. We don’t believe the Technological Singularity is a threat to human existence. If we explore the facts, it may be the key that will open the doors to abundance for all.


“We are all afraid – for our confidence, for the future, for the world. That is the nature of the human imagination. Yet, every man, every civilisation, has gone forward because of its engagement with what it has set itself to do. The personal commitment of a man to his skill, the intellectual commitment and the emotional commitment working together as one, has made the Ascent of Man.” Jacob Bronowski


In film, the Singularity is often depicted as a cold place, where all the trees and animals have died and machines are the enemy of mankind and control the world. We believe the future is in fact a beautiful place, where our natural environment can be preserved and all our needs can be met through sustainable solutions. Imagine intelligent and responsible recycling, using waste to 3D-print almost anything we need. Landfills could turn into green fields - technology can enable us to preserve nature. Imagine wind farms, affordable solar power, wireless electricity and drinkable sea water. Imagine all children learning independently with equal access to information. Imagine artificial intelligence with the air of Zen masters, performing tasks the human mind is incapable of. Imagine a world where technology creates abundance for everyone. The possibilities are endless.


This is a rallying cry for Africa to climb on the exponential technology train. Africa need not be afraid and be left behind. Our ability to embrace change over time gives us the ability to create a better world. The future will be kind - utopia is possible with our ever-advancing technological capabilities.





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